How Agile Marketers Respond to Change Without Neglecting Their Plans

In a world of constant fluctuation, all marketers want to know how to respond to change without losing sight of our long-term marketing objectives (or going totally crazy). While there are barriers to that goal we all know exist (I’m looking at you, sales), the real problem is putting out fires without neglecting strategic goals. Marketers need a system that helps us strike a balance between urgency and importance. Emergencies and fire drills are never going away. Which means, to achieve our goal, we have to create a system that allows urgent work and important work to coexist. How? By creating Agile marketing plans that are designed to provide clear strategic directions AND respond to important changes.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an Agile-inspired marketing plan that balances your long-term goals with the stuff that’s on fire right now
  • Document and quantify how much time you spend on urgent vs. important activities
  • Break free of the short order cook mentality and become a strategic marketing advisor to your internal partners