Algorithms & Incentives: The Secret Forces that Shape Marketing in 2021

A few companies control the overwhelming majority of traffic, advertising, and attention on the web, and increasingly, they don’t like to share. As marketers, we still have a chance to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, but the threat of monopoly power has never been greater. Thus, we need to find new, creative ways to reach our audiences *directly* through the people, publications, and sources of influence that reach them. In this presentation, Rand will show ways to use ads, content, digital PR, and outreach of all kinds to work around the barriers the tech giants are erecting and build more effective marketing strategies.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Audit your advertising spend so you’re not inadvertently wasting money on Google, Facebook, and other ad networks
  • Uncover where your audience engages, so you can reach them directly in those places, and boost your brand recognition (which will bump up branded search and organic/paid CTR)
  • Produce more creative, more likely-to-move-the-needle outreach so you’re not stuck in the tired 1-in-1,000 link request trap

Digital marketers of all stripes considering how to optimize their budgets, channels, and tactics for the future in ways that give them an edge over the competition should attend this talk.