Learn the Narrative Hook for Your B2B Customers That Works Every Time

Your goal is to share compelling information with your digital audiences and convert them to customers. But chances are you’re not connecting on a level that actually moves them to immediate action. Therefore, the only way to hack through the noise and hook their hearts is with a foundational narrative framework that our storytelling monkey brains can’t resist.

After Park’s captivating session, you’ll be able to:

  • Clarify your message with the foundational narrative framework of the ABT (And, But & Therefore) to make it easy for your customers to digest
  • Amplify your impact by focusing on the problem you solve for your audience that shows you care about their success
  • Simplify your life by making your digital content much easier to craft and publish.

When you are finished with this highly entertaining and educational session, you will have wished you learned this storytelling trick in the 9th grade. Oh how much easier your career would’ve been. Story on!