Using a Centralized Approach to Create a Data-Driven Personalized Customer Journey

Are you ready to engage by putting a central intelligence engine to work in your organization? The disruptive evolution of the customer journey calls for effective change in the way marketing has been done so far. Consumers are increasingly calling for marketers to create real-time, digitalized experiences that attract, engage and entertain. They want personalized content—and they want it now. How can marketers embrace this challenge? Is there a strategic approach that is as adaptable as the customer journey itself? Is there a way to process and analyze data to make it actionable and deliver on customers’ expectations for personalized content? This session will outline effective strategies, tactics and highlight tools you can implement to develop a personalized, behavior-driven and integrated strategy to create and maintain a winning customer journey.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to identify, manage and target your audience segments
  • Centrally track customer engagement to drive actionable, informed marketing plans
  • Enable multi-channel personalized customer experiences at scale