Stop me if you’ve heard this: “Humans are hardwired for stories.” Or: “Storytelling is the new marketing.”

But what does that really mean for your B2B brand? How can you use Storytelling to connect with customers, grow your business, do work you love?

Here at Digital Summit, you know there are countless stories you could tell, and a bajillion ways to tell them. You can’t tell them all (you’re a marketer, not a novelist, fer-Pete’s-sake…). But what are the 4 stories every B2B brand should tell? And how do you tell them to truly pack a wallop?

In this fun and inspiring presentation, master storyteller Ann Handley will show Digital Summit superstars (that’s you!) how to tell stories that both nurture new customers and nourish the ones you already have.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why Storytelling is the brilliant B2B marketer’s best maneuver
  • The 4 stories you absolutely need…
  • …and the 4 elements each should have to craft the very best B2B customer experiences
  • BONUS: A specific template you can use to tell your own brand story

Let’s demystify Storytelling together in this lively and enlightening talk by the Queen of Content herself! Who’s in?