New Normal for Post-Pandemic Success

Marketing Attribution’s New Normal for Post-Pandemic Success

The quest to prove marketing effectiveness across a complicated B2B buyer’s journey has never been easy, and the pandemic hasn’t made things easier. Even as live events may be reappearing, well, here we virtually are today. And, if your marketing strategy looks anything like ours, digital online channels are playing a bigger role than ever, with more performance scrutiny than ever before.

The problem? That now means that there are more channels and pathways and complexities in our customer journeys than ever before, thus making tracking and proving marketing efforts harder than ever before, which we need to do more now than ever.

If this sounds like you, this may be the support group/therapy session you’ve been looking for. So, let’s all get grounded and confront the complex realities of B2B marketing attribution head-on, look at a few different truths and falsehoods that permeate the discussion, and discuss ways of turning your headache into a competitive opportunity, promotion, and viral LinkedIn thought-leadership post (results may vary).

Hear from Andy Schneider, Attribution Solutions Consultant – Bizible at Adobe as he shares how to apply multi-touch attribution tactics to effectively measure your marketing efforts across EVERY CHANNEL (especially those pesky-to-track digital ones).

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand to how use attribution data to gain more clarity across various marketing touchpoints
  • Understand the different approaches in solving for attribution, and why the details are everything
  • Get clarity on what approach works for you, based on your company’s maturity level & tech stack, and when the time is right to implement