Executing Multi-Brand CRM: Quick Wins to be Better, Faster and More Customized

Managing a multi-brand B2B CRM campaign can be a frustrating process for a marketer – with demands ranging from co-mingling multiple brand guidelines, highly customized end-user preferences, and a constantly evolving customer base. Covid-19 has increased the variables to consider with a larger proportion of workers remote and higher than normal turnover and transitions. This session will help you find the quick wins in your multi-brand CRM strategy to strengthen your program and delight your customers.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to use data and content to drive a multi-brand CRM strategy
  • Identify best practices for a multi-brand launch that honors individual brands while creating a consistent customer story
  • Avoid common pitfalls with multi-brand B2B campaigns

Who Should Attend: This session is for digital marketers who have experience with CRM but want to better optimize their multi-brand campaigns.