Proving the ROI of Your Digital Efforts: The New Normal for Post-Pandemic Success

The pandemic’s effect on marketing cannot be overstated, and even as we see signs of hope for in-person events, there simply isn’t a reality in which digital marketing shouldn’t be a vital part of your demand generation mix.

The good news is that digital (paid media, social, content, etc.) presents a myriad of new possibilities and levels of flexibility to make profound, tailored impact with your prospects. The bad? It’s also the most complex and traditionally most untrackable (and thus, unprovable) array of channels to justify ROI, especially with status-quo thinking and processes.

As a marketer in this era, what are your biggest challenges and risks? What are the missteps to avoid? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Hear from Andy Schneider, Attribution Solutions Consultant – Bizible at Adobe as he shares how to apply digital multi-touch attribution tactics to effectively measure your marketing efforts.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand to how use attribution data to gain more clarity across various marketing touchpoints
  • Understand the different approaches in solving for attribution, and why the details are everything
  • Get clarity on what approach works for you, based on your company’s maturity level & tech stack, and when the time is right to implement